Die ware verhaal van “Imbuzi Dipudi Bok”

Ek is so bevoorreg om die unieke, nederige en talentvolle kunstenaar as deel van my vriendekring te kan tel. #EdwardSelematsela
Edward en gesin het onlangs ons nuutste kunswerk vanaf #LittleArtistSchool persoonlik kom aflewer en sommer ‘n blaaskansie gevat om 26 La Mer Illovo Beach Apartments at La Mer die permanente tuiste van “Imbuzi Dipudi Bok” eerstehands te ervaar La Mer at Illovo Beach

Lees gerus wat #JohanClaasen te sê het toe hy onlangs die oorsprong van “Imbuzi Dipudi Bok” met #TheunsDeBruin en #EdwardSelematsela op papier vasgelê het vir Illovo Beach Apartments at La Mer

Johan Claasen skrywe:

Edward Selematsela – Painting a living legacy.

One often learns about renowned artists who grew up in the humblest of circumstances, where predestined doom and gloom tend to outweigh the probability of self-fulfillment. But despite the odds stacked against them, they realise their inner abilities by nurturing a talent that eventually gives substance to their dreams. Edward Selematsela’s journey to success as an acclaimed South African and international artist is not dissimilar. Looking at his achievements, it is clear that passion, self-believe and perseverance are the signposts that guide him en route to his destiny. Handed to him on a plate, Johan Claasen grabbed at the opportunity to learn more about the human palette of this gentle giant …

As is the case with many if not most successful artists, one cannot easily box Edward in. After all, when translated into English, his sePedi surname ‘Selematsela’ says it all: A tool that paves the way, which immediately brings to mind the breaking out of any mould that might restrict one from self realisation.
“I’m between 40 and 50”, he chuckles when asked about his age.

This set the tone for an insightful conversation with a man who believes that inspiring other people leaves a much greater legacy than simply being remembered as a well-known painter.

Edward grew up in humble circumstances in Ga-Modjaji, an area in Limpopo Province (formerly Northern Transvaal) where Queen Modjaji ruled in years gone by. But he doesn’t dwell much on childhood memories that he cannot change, except mentioning that he attended a local primary school before being sent off to Johannesburg where he finished his Matric (Grade 12).
“Life (in the Apartheid era) was not the same like (sic) now. Now it’s so much better”, he remarks.

En Route
It was a school teacher that first inspired Edward to nurture his blossoming creative talent. By observing and ‘copying’ the teacher’s signwriting skills, he quickly came to realise what kind of art he wanted to pursue, namely sketching and painting.
Most of the time it was a self-taught process, “because I was passionate about what I was doing”, he explains.

After school, Edward went on to study art at Eastside College and business at UNISA. This set him on a road to success that is already strewn with awards from far and wide for his inspiring canvasses.
Awards and Rewards.

In 1997 Edward received the Merit of Excellence Award from the French Cultural Centre in Pessac, Bordeaux. He won several art competitions around Gauteng, with his intaglio relief art piece The Journey to Travel earning him first prize at the 2011 Black Like Us art competition sponsored by Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba and Deutche Bank South Africa. He was also awarded with the 2006 Citadel prize for most improved artist at the Manor Gallery, and the Webber Wentzel Bowens prize for improving the lives of youth through art.

Edward’s Little Artist School, which he started in 1995 in an orphanage in Marshalltown, Johannesburg, has so far benefitted more 1 500 students – several of them successful artists in their own right today.
(For more interesting facts about Edward, visit http://edwardselematsela.com/).

The no box-in thing Edward is at ease with different mediums and styles, depending on circumstances and the feeling and scene he wants to capture.
“It’s a combination, and it goes with my mood”, is his quick response. “Also, when I teach my students I have to be able to demonstrate to them what I can do when it comes to medium and style”.
Artistic Passion on Display
Collectors as far as Dubai, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Namibia, the USA, Colombia, the Netherlands and England invest in Edward’s art. This is apart from many galleries where he exhibits.
One of his eye-catching works is Imbuzi Dipudi Bok, painted from a picture by South African photographer Theuns de Bruin. The painting was done on special assignment for a great admirer and collector of Edward’s paintings, namely businessman Burger Edwards. The painting forms part of the businessman’s collection on display in London, England as well as in several luxury holiday apartments along KwaZulu-Natal’s south coast at Illovo Beach, KwaZulu-Natal.

De Bruyn, who lives and works in Upington in the Northern Cape, is a passionate photographer who captures most of his pictures while traveling. The result is a mixed portfolio of eye-catching outdoor scenery, wildlife, and people going about their daily lives – most of it shared on De Bruyn’s Facebook pages. The request to use one of his photos as premise for a painting by a renowned artist like Edward Selematsela, surely underscores the intrinsic quality of De Bruyn’s photography. Not bad for a self-trained photographer!

When asked how he felt about Imbuzi Dipudi Bok in the apartment at Illovo Beach, KwaZulu-Natal I am South African, Edward (the artist) explained: “Eish, it was the most difficult one because I had to copy the photo and add things myself. In order to do that I had to do a lot of research about those goats and their environment. It was not an easy one, but I enjoyed doing it and I love the painting”.

It is not possible to write a brief article about an in-depth conversation with an artist like Edward Selematsela, suffice to end with his advice to young artists or those who have the passion to become artists but don’t know how to go about it:
“They must love the career that they chase … and to be passionate about what they do”.

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